Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle to Tomor Lake



Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle in Tomor lake in Holy mount of Tomor is an amazing experience. Tomori is the most unique and enigmatic mountain in Albania. It has been called the throne of the gods for its height, ferocity, beauty and riddle.

According to mythology, Pelasgian Dodona or “Bad Winter” Dodona reigned there. There are areas of everlasting snow as well as many water springs some even weird like the one in Monster (Kuçedra)Tradition says that it is commanded by a monster who drops it and cuts the water when it wants.There are two lakes in Tomor as two treasures hidden in his heart. They are surrounded by wildlife, old villages, mountaintops and hills and are a small paradise hidden in the giant Tomor mountain. We have found the most fantastic way for enjoying them through the sport of kayaking, stand up paddle and swimming.

What to Expect

Meeting point – Hotel Castle Park, Berat. We can come and pick you up in any hotel or guest house in Berat.
SUV trip to the village of Qafe Dardhë (about 1,5 hour). The hiking tour lasts around 1,5 hours to Saint Peter where you can feel the positive energy and the spectacular view of Tomor.
After we will prepare for kayaking and stund up paddle for about 2 hours and have a picnic lunch with local products.


! Kindly keep all your clothes and personal belongings in a backpack, which can be easily transported on SUV.

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