World Rafting Federation and Surfrider Foundation Europe , together for protecting water areas of Europe!

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The World Rafting Federation has announced today the cooperation with Surfrider Foundation Europe, where the main goal is the protection of rivers, lakes and all water areas.
The Albanian Rafting Federation , with headquarters in the Albania capital city, Tirane is very sensitive to the protection of water areas in our country, as our main goal is the development of the sport of rafting on clean rivers and the promotion of sustainable tourism in Albania. We can mention here our efforts at the highest levels and the resistance for the construction of HPPs in the Osum Canyons. We can also be proud to show our support for the “Save Vjosa, the last wild river of Europe” campaign, which includes world-famous artists, scientists, etc.
“We are all in the same boat! Oceans, lakes, rivers, everything is water. Water unites us. The World Rafting Organization always feels the responsibility of protecting nature when we organize and promote our activities. We promise to be active members of this project as it has a lot to do with us! “. These were the words of the President of the WRF, where his enthusiasm was felt during the speech.

Surfride Foundation Europe is a non-profit organization with the main goal of preserving and highlighting the importance of water spaces in Europe. SFE has been active in undertaking many actions as a recognized authority at many levels: education, political intervention, scientific and legal expertise, awareness of marine litter, water quality, public health, climate change, etc.

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